An American Mosaic

One day you wake up and realize you are a stranger in your own country.

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A journey to discover who the American People are today. 

This last year of political campaigns and the election in the U.S., has raised more questions than answers. What became clear is a great divide exists between much of the population  - with one common desire… change. Change at any cost or consequence. Clearly many, young and old, feel left out and that the system is failing them. What is their story?

We have started a new era of politics and administration of U.S. government. Many are wondering what this will bring - both in the U.S. and around the world.


Trying to make sense of some of this. What better way, than to travel and talk to people about what it means to be an American today. All walk of life and ages. This is a journey to listen to what people have to say about work, family, community, health, dreams, and roots. Documenting the American People.

Truly a Mosaic, so many diverse people to talk to, young, old, all walks of life... on the road.

Truly a Mosaic, so many diverse people to talk to, young, old, all walks of life... on the road.


An American Mosaic 

A collection of stories, and a look into the places and people that define our country.

Truly a Mosaic, it is a big diverse country worth discovering.


A journey through America to understand what's  going on.

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The Journey

How have we become strangers in our own country? Talk of returning to the past. Talk about who belongs here. What is this about, who are the American people today. There are so many people to talk to… we are listening. Clearly, a lot of people have something to say, or more importantly want, and one size doesn't seem to fit all. While this project is personal, it is not political. It is just interviewing, recording, and documenting what is encountered. The viewers can draw their own conclusions. There will be a lot of discovery as we arrive at each location and talk with people. 

Some details

This is a creative project of photography, film making, media and storytelling. It is about listening. This a very personal project that touches the lives of ordinary people. It is their story.

We are at a very important place in history, with no idea how it will play out. It would be good relief from the rhetoric and continual bombardment of news (real and fake) and sound bites that come at us daily... real stories about real people (their stories) from someplace on the road in the U.S.A.

This project touches everyone who believes in our country. It is an amazing place, like no other. We need to know more about each other.

We have started this important project...

We have started this important project...

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