Friends, Advisors, Whisperers, Contributors...

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Storyteller / Driver

This project started in december 2017 when John Van Dyke, whose work in design, photography and architecture has been recognized for its excellence, realized he did not recognize his own country. He decided after talking to others who shared this feeling, that he needed to do something to better understand who the american people are today. there is a little nostalgia about american road trips, and the classic writings and photographs of the american people. This might be considered an updated version. clearly a lot of people have something to say.

"I want to tell their stories". john van dyke


Photo, Design and Video


Some amazing people have provided counsel for the project. This project is truly driven by the collaboration and support of our friends.


Social Media Maven, Fixer, Production Coordinator, Poet

This project is organic and evolving. It will be done in segments over a period of time. It is a big country and a big project.

Help is always needed and welcome. 


Looking for peeps to help with this awesome project...