An American Mosaic

Trains, Planes, & Automobiles, and a lot of motels later.

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A lot of ground will be covered

a lot of stories

Our journey will take us to a lot of places. We will look at a cross section of America, the urban places, the suburbs, and the rural parts of the country. It is important to talk with people who make things, people who grow things, people who extract our natural resources, people who create things, people who invent things, people who start things, people who educate us, people who lead us, people who heal us medically and in spirit, and also to discover something about how we got here... our heritage, our roots. Discovering our common ground.


Some highlights

Discovering some places you never heard of.

Finding that you depend on something from someone you know nothing about.

Learning that many share the same problems and concerns, it just scales deferentially by location.




People & Places 

An American Mosaic.


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The Fabric of America

As we gather interesting data and facts about the American People we will post it here.


Different Location, Different Backgrounds, Different Age, Different ideas


When you start talking to people, they reveal so much more than you get from the media overview of their part of the country and how they are thinking. This project will become more important as it grows and discovers it's own course through America. It may be surprising. 



Many Faces, Places and Stories